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Shadow Boudoir is an all female staff of professionals dedicated to the fine art of Boudoir, Glamour, and Pin-Up photography. Our Escondido California studio is stuffed full of interesting lingerie, props and delicious goodies that will make your photo session POP! Our staff is specially trained on posing and customer service to ensure your session is the most fun and relaxed experience of a lifetime. Before your session is over, we are sure you will already planning your next one! Gift for your groom, anniversary gift for your hubby, or just a special treat for you, the staff at Shadow Boudoir is ready to make you feel like Americas Next Top Model for a day! Be sure to visit our website at for more images and information. We hope to see you in the studio soon!


The fine print on our Groupon Offer- Things we want you to know before you buy.

All the fine print and things you want to know about our Groupon offer~


Thank you so much for your interest in Shadow Boudoir’s GROUPON!!!! This is an absolutely killer deal (we’ve NEVER offered pricing this low before!) For more info on of our ‘regular’ pricing and packages, please send us an email and we will get right back to you with our different package options. Be sure to browse through our website at to see how we make everyone of our clients look and feel like a superstar top model!


You can call or email our studio to book your shoot at  Phone: 760 533 6130 Email ~ .  Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm.  We primarily do our larger sessions on Saturdays, so this Groupon may not be available on all Saturdays it will depend on studio availability. Due to the high volume of Groupon calls, emails, and inquiries we receive, please know that we do our best to respond to everyone in a timely manner.

YOU MUST BE 21 to have a photo shoot done at Shadow Boudoir.
Please  be sure that you bring in your printed out Groupon, AND a photo ID to your session. This is necessary for us to verify your Groupon purchase. Thank you.
As mentioned in the Groupon, Tax & Gratuity are not included with this Groupon – please be prepared to pay California state sales tax on your shoot.

Things you want to know!
Q: Can I get my photo shoot before my special occasion? It’s soon!
A: Although many of our shoots are booked far in advance, we often have open times on different days. Please contact us to see what times and dates are available. We will do all we can to get your package finished and delivered by your special occasion’s date!

On a related note!
Don’t wait to book until the last minute before your Groupon expires! We want to make sure that all of our Groupon clients get in for their shoots, but remember, with such a full calendar you must book well in advance. This Groupon is subject to availability… and since we generally book out several weeks in advance, we cannot guarantee that we will have a shoot available for you. It is not possible at this time to have your session completed for Valentines Day)  If you do want to do this as a Valentines Day gift we have some super cute, coming soon cards that you can give to let your special someone know a special gift is in the works for him!

Q: What exactly do I get with this Groupon deal?
A: $99 for a 30-Minute Photo Session (which includes our help in styling your outfit, plus about 20 minutes of shooting)… it also includes 1 5×7 print and 5 digital files you can print at your leisure ($275 value). It will take approximately 2 weeks after your shoot to receive your digital images and prints.  (You cannot exchange or make changes to this deal, however you can add more looks, photos or even a small book of images to your shoot if you’d like!).

Q: What if I want to add another set and outfit?
A: You can add one more set/outfit for $150. (This is our regular pricing for one set/outfit).  We highly recommend adding an extra set, because it will give you SO much more variety in your images, and it will include an additional 5 digital images to your disc of 5 (so, that makes 10 total!).  (Besides, we think you’re going to love the experience so much, just one look won’t be enough!)  Please mention this when you book your shoot, and we will let you know if we have enough time in our schedule to accommodate adding another Look and/or an additional set for you. Please call us to discuss extra charges and deposits that might apply to any additional sets or Looks.

Q: When should I book my photo shoot?
A: Our studio typically books up pretty fast, but we do have a few available dates for you to book your shoot that you purchased from Groupon. When you are ready to book your shoot, call our studio at 760 533 6130 or send us an email at – and give us an idea of what you need and when you want to do it.  We will do our best to accommodate a date that you request, however, we cannot guarantee that we will have availability.

Q: Can I book my session on a Friday or Saturday?
A: We generally have our weekends booked for 3 Look or bigger shoots, so we cannot guarantee availability for any specific date or time. However, we sometimes have gaps in our schedule that we’d be willing to fill with a smaller shoot, so please contact us to see if the time and date you desire is available.

Q: What time will my shoot be?
A:  We book sessions from 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.  With special circumstances we can book a session later in the day or even early evening, if needed. There may be an extra charge or you may need to book extra time to book a session outside our normal booking times. Please ask us though, there might be another session booked that we could put yours in conjunction with.

Q: What about sales tax and gratuity?
As with anything you purchase from Groupon, you are still required to pay a sales tax and gratuity when you come in for your shoot. Suggested 20% gratuity on a One Look shoot is $20.

Q: What’s the shoot like?
A: You get a 30-minute session at our studio, and it will include about 20 minutes of actual shooting time with your photographer. This is just one set, with one outfit. Because of the tightness of our schedules on shoot days, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fit in any additional Looks or sets, so we recommend that you schedule everything you want to do on your initial phone call. HOWEVER! There is a slight possibility of being able to work in one additional Look at the time of your shoot. Please feel free to ask.

Please plan on arriving early for your session. We will have only 30 minutes scheduled for your session, and if you arrive late this will use up your scheduled shoot time. We have a 7 day cancellation policy, and if you do not show up to your photo shoot, or if you DO NOT cancel your session within 7 DAYS before the day of your shoot, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR GROUPON.  Thank you for understanding.

Q: What about hair and makeup?
A: Hair and makeup is not included in this offer. You may add it for $65 with one of our fab make-up artists. You will not have time or a place to do your hair and makeup here at the studio, because once you arrive, you’ll have consultation with your photographer, and then start shooting almost immediately after that. Hair and makeup must be scheduled ahead of time to ensure we have a stylist on set for you the day of your session.

Q: What do you recommend for hair & makeup?
A: We HIGHLY recommend getting professional makeup done before your shoot with one of our Make-up Artists! Our make-up professionals have a great understanding of what it takes to look good in front of a camera! If you opt to do your own hair and makeup, we recommend you play up the eyes… big time! Lashes are a must! On camera makeup is tricky, we always suggest you use a pro when possible.

Q: Do I need to bring my own outfit?
A: Yes, we recommend that you do bring your own outfit to the studio. Something you feel comfortable in.  We have found that one of the things that will make your man go, “WOW” is simply one of his favorite button up shirts or his favorite sports jersey. Even something as simple as one of the satin sheets we have at our studio is an attention getter, when draped just right.  We have a dressing room with tons of fun accessories, shoes, and some clothes, and props but it is best to bring an outfit you know you will look your very best in.  If you need any advice, feel free to ask us for recommendations! We do suggest that you bring at least a bra and panty set (we suggest black).


Q: Should I spray tan?

A: NO!! Spray tans show up differently under photographic lights than they do under normal lighting. Also, unless your technician is of Hollywood Studio expertise, there is a strong chance it will be uneven. Shadow Boudoir has an extra charge for fixing spray tans.

Q: Do you do ‘nude’ photos?
A: We do, but we only do tasteful, classy images… nothing over the top.  If nudity is a little too much for you, we can do classic “Maxim-style” implied nude.

Q: How sexy do I need to go?
A: As sexy as you want to and feel comfortable doing! We never push a client to be sexier than they’re comfortable being. The quality of your images is very dependent on your comfort level. But the staff at Shadow Boudoir is trained to keep our client/models as comfortable as possible.

Q: Do you do Pin-up style photos?
A: Very much so! Heather has had images published in books about the Modern American Pinup, it’s a style she has helped popularize! For Pin-up, we recommend that you have one of our in-house make-up artists do your hair and make-up, since they know to a “T” exactly how to get your best pin-up look for the camera!

Q: Can I do my shoot on-location?
A: The Groupon offer is for a photo shoot at our studio, only. If you want a shoot at a different location, we can do that with an extra location fee and require that you book more than one Look.

Q: Do you airbrush?
A: Yes. We will airbrush and touch up all of the images you order.

Q: What if I want to purchase something additional, like a boudoir album or calendar?
A: Of course you are welcome to order additional items to go along with the great images you get from your shoot! We have a large selection of books, calendars, canvases and other items you can choose from.

Q: When do I get to see (and choose) my images?
A: You get to see them the same day! Immediately after your photo shoot, you will sit down with one of our imaging specialists to look over all of your images.  At that point, you will have the opportunity to view all of your proofs, and make your selections. We ask that you make all your selections at your viewing. If you want a second viewing we require an additional $100 minimum purchase.

Q: I feel a little nervous and I don’t know how to be ‘sexy’ in front of a camera.
A: That is completely normal! Our all-female staff specializes in helping the novice model be as comfortable and sexy as possible.

Q: Can I bring a friend to my shoot?
A: We do not allow anyone other than the photographer, Shadow Boudoir staff and the individual client in the studio during a photo shoot, so you are not able to bring anyone into the studio with you.  If you feel more comfortable with a girlfriend coming along, you are more than welcome to bring her, but she cannot be in the studio while we are shooting; she will need to wait until after your shoot is done. The only exception to this would be if your friend also purchased a Groupon offer. If this were the case, we could discuss adding her shoot to our schedule that day, too.

Q: Where does this shoot take place?
A: Your shoot will take place at our studio in Escondido. We will send you the address and directions once you have booked your photo shoot with us.

Q: How do I show proof of my Groupon?
A: Please bring your printed Groupon receipt to your shoot.




An exciting special offer just in time for Valentines Day! ~ San Diego Boudoir Photography!

If you are anything like me, you have sadly put away all the Christmas decorations and are thinking… wow… it’s over?? That’s one reason I LOVE Valentines Day! Right around the corner from all of the Holiday sparkle, and a chance for us to show off our sparkle!

Can you believe we only have 30 days left to help you put together the hottest most loved gift for your guy! To celebrate you, we are offering this FABULOUS Valentines Day Special at Shadow Boudoir. Be sure to get your spot reserved quickly, at this price we will be booked up fast! Please email us at info@shadowcatcherimagery .com to get your spot saved!



Shadow Boudoir-

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 16 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Yes! I want to feel like a Top Model! ~ San Diego Boudoir Photography

Last week we had a super session in the studio with entrepreneur  CF. CF had a complete day in our studio starting with Strawberries and champagne while our stylist Brenda E. worked on some Top Model worthy hair and makeup for her.

CF’s session included 11 different looks, her  stylist on set with her all day for touch up’s and to change her hair and makeup to go along with each new look.  Shadow Boudoir also partnered with the amazing Nan and Alexis from Classic Filmworks who captured the day for our her on video. Our session ended with a spectacular sunset and swimsuit photos worthy of Sports Illustrated.

Here are our favorites from the day….

Think out of the box for your boudoir session, it can be anywhere and you can wear whatever yours and his idea of  sexy is! Sunset at the beach is FABULOUS!

Shadow Boudoir website-


Brides to be… how are you beating the heat this Sunday?

We invite you to join us at the Convention Center downtown for a day of air conditioned bliss and some fabulous wedding F U N!

Spike the Alligator and Lanie Jean visited us a year ago, and last week stole the show at the Emmys!

Just about a year ago today we had one of our most exciting sessions ever at Shadow Boudoir! Lanie came to visit us for a soot with Spike the Alligator. Today our buddy Spike is all over daytime TV with a very memorable appearance on the daytime Emmys!

I thought it would be fun to post a few of those pics from our day with Spike one more time ;o)

When Spike first arrived and came out on set, our staff was just a little bit worried!

Lanie Jean with Spike

After we did some fun shots for Lanie with Spike, it was time to bring in San Diego Super Model Yonah Eveline….

Everyone at Shadow Boudoir had a yes… thrilling time working with Spike, most everyone was very brave annd even held him… not your’s truly, this was as close as I could get!

Shadow Boudoir … where no photo shoot concept is to far out of the box!

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These last few weeks at our studio have been all about bellies and babies! ~ San Diego Maternity Photography

Thursday April 12th-21012

It’s funny sometimes how things come in waves, and these past few weeks we have been flooded with maternity and baby sessions! You may have thought we are just all about boudoir… but no…. the possibilities for sessions are endless and we do them all!  It’s especially great if we did your wedding, or boudoir session, you know us and are already comfortable with us.  We won’t just leave you looking for another photographer. Bring on the bellies AND your new bundles of joy!

Here are a few of the fun sessions we had these past few weeks that we have permission to share….

First from a really amazing maternity session…..

And then a couple of super sweet little girls…..

First Vita! The daughter of one of our favorite DJ’s Alex~ owner of Pro Sound DJ’s

And then Chloe! Chloe had a Cake Smash for her first Birthday….

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Deployment Homecoming Countdown Calendar for him OR for her!~ San Diego Boudoir Photographer

Shadow Boudoir is always thinking of fun new ways to present the sexy little photos we do, and wow… do we ever L O V E this one!

The Deployment Homecoming Countdown Calendar for him……

Schedule your session with Shadow Boudoir, and we will transform you into his own personal Calendar Girl! We work step by step guiding you through your entire session then help you with some ideas for your calendar. 6 month deployment? 9 Months… we can customize the calendar to fit the length of his deployment.

And guys…. spread the word… this isn’t just for the ladies to do… one word… DUDE-OIR!  All the ladies we talk to about this tell us how much they would LOVE it if their guy would do a session like this. No worries if you have never done something like this, the ladies haven’t either! We are super experienced in working with all body types and are experts at bringing out your personal style!

Something special to leave her with as you begin your deployment…..

Shadow Boudoir is proud to offer a 10% military discount.

For more information on our calendar promotions, please send us an email at~

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