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Yes! I want to feel like a Top Model! ~ San Diego Boudoir Photography

Last week we had a super session in the studio with entrepreneur  CF. CF had a complete day in our studio starting with Strawberries and champagne while our stylist Brenda E. worked on some Top Model worthy hair and makeup for her.

CF’s session included 11 different looks, her  stylist on set with her all day for touch up’s and to change her hair and makeup to go along with each new look.  Shadow Boudoir also partnered with the amazing Nan and Alexis from Classic Filmworks who captured the day for our her on video. Our session ended with a spectacular sunset and swimsuit photos worthy of Sports Illustrated.

Here are our favorites from the day….

Think out of the box for your boudoir session, it can be anywhere and you can wear whatever yours and his idea of  sexy is! Sunset at the beach is FABULOUS!

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Deployment Homecoming Countdown Calendar for him OR for her!~ San Diego Boudoir Photographer

Shadow Boudoir is always thinking of fun new ways to present the sexy little photos we do, and wow… do we ever L O V E this one!

The Deployment Homecoming Countdown Calendar for him……

Schedule your session with Shadow Boudoir, and we will transform you into his own personal Calendar Girl! We work step by step guiding you through your entire session then help you with some ideas for your calendar. 6 month deployment? 9 Months… we can customize the calendar to fit the length of his deployment.

And guys…. spread the word… this isn’t just for the ladies to do… one word… DUDE-OIR!  All the ladies we talk to about this tell us how much they would LOVE it if their guy would do a session like this. No worries if you have never done something like this, the ladies haven’t either! We are super experienced in working with all body types and are experts at bringing out your personal style!

Something special to leave her with as you begin your deployment…..

Shadow Boudoir is proud to offer a 10% military discount.

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A little something special for all the fabulous ladies we met at Fluxx Nightclub…

Was that an amazing Bridal show????  LoVeD it!

If you stopped by the Shadow Boudoir booth and thought… YES I want to do this!

We have a little something special here for you……

Check out our website at  to see the possabilities!

You are invited to join us… March 14th at Fluxx Night club for…….

Boudoir Photography for Men= Dudeoir! Classy, and tasteful sexy male photos ~San Diego Photographer

Boudoir photography for women has become all the rage in the past few years. You have to wonder… why is this being limited and promoted to just the ladies? As much as our men love to receive a special gift of intimate photos of us, what woman wouldn’t appreciate and treasure something done like this especially with her in mind? OR… just like how we do this for ourselves to mark a personal goal or time in our lives….. we say… why not for the guys too?

I have been shooting male models for years, for commercial and fine art, but this was the first “official” session I had as Shadow Boudoir. I was very excited to be working with MB who found us after his girlfriend did a session with us. He LOVED her photos and wanted to do something similar as a gift for her. I was even more excited that he would allow us to use the images from his session to help promote a forgotten or overlooked part of the industry… sexy/classy photos for guys!

I love that we can expand in a new direction offering something equally special for all the Men. Men in the service… what a great surprise gift to leave your lady with before you deploy.. .. Men getting married…. the perfect gift for your bride to be…. Men who want to capture themselves when they are at their prime…… the reasons are endless…. and we are here!

Here is a sample of what our session with MB was all about, we started with some fashion forward shots and then moved on to something a little sexier…..

After the session I sent MB a few teasers and he sent me back this email……

 I had a blast and you guys made me feel very comfortable. I had never done it before so thank you for making me feel at ease. I just saw the sample and I have to say it’s beyond my expectations you are the Houdini of photography I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks so much for taking me in as a client I really do appreciate you doing that. I look forward to working with you in the future and I will definitely be referring you business. 🙂

I felt so good reading this..  I know all of our female clients feel this way, and was confident we could give that same experience and feeling to a male client, but it was just so great to see it in my email!

So ladies… pass this along to all the men in your lives….. Dudeoir is here! ;o)

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