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Spike the Alligator and Lanie Jean visited us a year ago, and last week stole the show at the Emmys!

Just about a year ago today we had one of our most exciting sessions ever at Shadow Boudoir! Lanie came to visit us for a soot with Spike the Alligator. Today our buddy Spike is all over daytime TV with a very memorableĀ appearanceĀ on the daytime Emmys!

I thought it would be fun to post a few of those pics from our day with Spike one more time ;o)

When Spike first arrived and came out on set, our staff was just a little bit worried!

Lanie Jean with Spike

After we did some fun shots for Lanie with Spike, it was time to bring in San Diego Super Model Yonah Eveline….

Everyone at Shadow Boudoir had a yes… thrilling time working with Spike, most everyone was very brave annd even held him… not your’s truly, this was as close as I could get!

Shadow Boudoir … where no photo shoot concept is to far out of the box!

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